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Akshay Kumar’s Holiday has been picked scene-to-scene from Tamil film Thupakki

Is Bollywood running out of ideas? If not, then why are our filmmakers remaking old Hindi films? Don’t they realize, remakes spell a total absence of original expression? What troubles me is, it’s not the classics alone that are being considered for remakes. Like seriously, it beats us why anyone would want to revisit a film like Zanjeer starring Ram Charan Teja in Bachchan’s role. The south Indian remake market too is going very strong, thanks to the huge success of ‘Ready’, ‘Wanted’, ‘Bodyguard’, ‘Boss’ and the likes. Original content seem to be dying a slow death these days, and more and more remakes are being thrust into your nearby screens. The latest to join the bandwagon is Akshay Kumar’s ‘Holiday’.

Holiday stars Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in the lead roles, and has been ripped off from the Tamil flick, Thuppakki. The story goes like this… Akshay Kumar, a Captain in the Indian Army, is back home on a holiday. His parents want him to get married and find a bride for him. Enters Sonakshi Sinha, a spoiled brat, who is also a boxer. After the usual bickering’s the couple fall in love. Meanwhile Jagadish is on a mission to crack down on terrorist sleeper cells in Mumbai.

I mean, how lame could our filmmakers get? They’ve lifted scene-to-scene from the original Tamil flick, only to give us a hodgepodge of romance, action and comedy in the remake version. I’d prefer watching the Tamil version with sub titles, instead of breaking my head over this copy.

Did you know, Salman Khan, after a flop show with Jai Ho, has apparently changed his mind now and has decided never to work on a remake. Justa week after the release of Jai Ho, Salman is said to have told producer Ramesh Taurani, who went to him with a proposal for another Prabhudeva film, that he would prefer to work on an original script, and not a remake.

Well, I sincerely hope more such actors start learning from their mistakes and say NO to remakes.

Meanwhile, you take a look at Holiday movie stills scene-to-scene lift from Thuppakki.

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  1. nanaiah

    June 9, 2014 at 9:31 pm

    Holiday is also made by Murugadoss………………….

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