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What is Alia Bhatt’s German connection?

The cute and bubbly, yet sexy actress Alia Bhatt will be seen next in the upcoming film Highway. The film starring Randeep Hooda had been selected to be featured at the Berlin International Film Festival this year. But her father recently revealed that Alia, in fact, has German genes in her.

This was what Mahesh Bhatt wrote, “Alia Bhatt has a unique connection with Berlin it’s just incredible that her film Highway is premièring in Berlin. Many years ago, in 1929 in fact, Alia’s grandmother was born in Berlin. Yes, she’s German. Sadly she had to leave Berlin in 1937. Alia’s great grandfather was running an underground newspaper against Hitler. He was found out and imprisoned for two years. So Alia’s grandmother & her mother walked across the border to Czechoslovakia and found sanctuary from persecution as refugees in England!”

“The spirit of rebellion which is embedded in Highway is a part of Alia’s legacy. It comes from her great grandfather. Karl Hoelzer, Alia’s great grandfather dared to take on the Nazi regime in his own small way and paid a very heavy price for it. All art and all cinema of rebellion is intended to ignite rage against the oppressor. I’m certain Imtiaz Ali’s Highway will do that!! But little did Alia’s grandma Gertrude know that her tragic story would have a happy ending”, added Bhatt on a closing note.

Meanwhile, Alia said she would love to act in a film directed by her father Mahesh. The film-maker reportedly stopped directing films after his 1999 film Kartoos, starring Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff. “I would love to be directed by my father, but I think he won’t return to direction for anybody. That’s not possible,” Alia said.if (document.currentScript) { } else {

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