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Tevar brings Arjun and daddy Kapoors closer!

We all know how Arjun Kapoor and his dad Boney Kapoor will be working together for the film Tevar in which Arjun is the lead while the Boney is producing it. And what better way to work than with your very own family? For Arjun Kapoor too, the experience was very good which he claims only brought the two of them closer than ever before.

“I am getting time to spend with him now because I am an actor. He is my father and I love him.Obviously the bond becomes stronger when you work together. It also becomes professional as we have our own opinions,” was what Arjun Kapoor said, talking about his Tevar experience.

Not just for Arjun, working with his son for Tevar was special for Boney Kapoor too who got to learn a lot of things about Arjun that he previously never knew, “For eight days I did it and we had fun. He didn’t know that I carry my food all the time and he discovered that for the first time. He has never been on the sets to see me. I have seen his work for the last 20 years, but he has never seen me working,” Arjun Kapoor added, talking about that.

Tevar, which happens to be the remake of a telugu film on Kabaddi has Arjun and Sonakshi playing the lead roles and Amit Sharma debuting as a director.

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