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Politics don’t interest Juhi Chawla!!

Looking at how Juhi Chawla was amazingly convincing as a bad politician is the Gulaab Gang trailer we were only naturally curious as to whether the talented actress ever has plans to enter politics and serve the nation, something that is only very common these days. To which Juhi Chawla’s answer was a very firm no, as politics never interested her she said. And she also added that one need not be a politician to serve the country, meaning that she would like to serve the country but not through politics.

Apparently, the actress was even approached by some political parties who wanted her to join their party after looking at her fabulous performance as one and she did not accept any of those. So then what was it about Gulaab Gang that made choose it if she wasn’t all that interested in politics?

“I did this film because Madhuri was there. I really did it because (I thought that) with this script, it will be amazing if we do it together. I remember saying to her on the first day that ‘Madhuri, we will make it rock’, and we have” was what Juhi Chawla said, in reply to that. We couldn’t agree more that the two of them rocked..don’t you agree?

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