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OMG! Deepika Padukone’s little sister prefers Ranbir over Ranveer

Deepika Padukone might have moved on from Ranbir Kapoor to Ranveer Singh, however, her little sister isn’t able to. She still is very fond of RK and doesn’t seem very impressed with Deepy’s alleged boyfriend Ranveer Singh.

Recently, when Anisha was asked by a fan about who her favourite actor is, she replied ‘Ranbir Kapoor’.

On being quizzed “@anishapadukone who is your favourite actor except of deepika,i mean she is the best but your fav,” Anisha replied, “@replymedeepika Ranbir Kapoor!”

Wonder what Deepika has to say about this, and more over, what is Ranveer’s take on this?

At the recent Star Screen Awards held in Mumbai on January 14, host Shahrukh Khan in the most charming way (Tunes from ‘One Two Three’ Chennai Express) asked the dimpled beauty to talk about her lover boy, but the actress refused in an adorable way. He asked, “One two three four, boyfriend ka naam bol, kaun hai woh, kaun hai woh, uski tu pol khol, media guessing guessing, people waiting waiting, bolo bolo, bolo kaun hai woh.” Deepika was quick enough to give a befitting reply in a musical way too (‘Uff Teri Ada’ from Karthick Calling Karthick). She replied, “Uff uski ada, I like the way he moves, uff uski shakal, I love the way he looks, uff jo bhi hai woh, I’ll never tell you.”
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