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Mahesh Bhatt Reveals that Alia Bhatt is a German aswell!

Bollywood’s renowned filmmaker and producer Mahesh Bhatt, father of latest B town sensation Alia Bhatt, has revealed that Alia Bhatt is not an Indian. It seems that Bhatt chose the right time to expose that fact that his daughter has a German connection. Recently, Alia Bhatt’s upcoming film Highway was chosen to feature at Berlin International film festival.

Imtiaz Ali who has directed ‘Highway’ was as surprised and you and I when he heard that his movie was selected for Berlin International film festival. Completely astonished by the development , he even commented, “I felt that only efficient and creative filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap can go to film festivals and to these glamorous cities. This is the first time that a film of mine has been invited to a festival.

Mahesh Bhatt tweeted, “Alia Bhatt has a unique connection with Berlin it’s just incredible that her film Highway is premiering in Berlin.” Bhatt unveiled the story further by tweeting, “Many years ago, in 1929 in fact, Alia’s grandmother was born in Berlin. Yes, she’s German. Sadly she had to leave Berlin in 1937. Alia’s great grandfather was running an underground newspaper against Hitler. He was found out and imprisoned for two years. So Alia’s grandmother & her mother walked across the border to Czechoslovakia and found sanctuary from persecution as refugees in England!

Mahesh Bhatt also told that “The spirit of rebellion favored in Alia’s new film Highway is a part of her legacy. It comes from her great grandfather. Karl Hoelzer, Alia’s great grandfather dared to take on the Nazi regime in his own small way and paid a very heavy price for it.

Meanwhile, a source has revealed to us that Alia Bhatt will soon be in Germany at the Berlin Film Festival on February 14 for the world premier of her upcoming flick ‘Highway’. She says, “I have a rather emotional and unique connection with Berlin and for me, it’s just incredible that Highway is premiering there. Not many know this but my grandmother is a German and was born there.

She also reveals that her maternal grandfather used to run an underground newspaper against Hitler. The Highway actor told a popular tabloid, “When the authorities found about it, he was imprisoned for two years and my maternal grandmother and mother (Soni Razdan) then crossed the border to Czechoslovakia before heading to England.

Alia wants to recall her German connection to the audience over there. She says, “In 1948, my Kashmiri grandfather, who was studying architecture in London, came to Berlin as a member of world famous dancer Ram Gopal’s troupe. A 19 year old, he played the violin for the latter and while in Berlin, he performed at the Schiller Theatre. Back then, Berlin had been reduced to just rubble. So yes, I share this incredible connection with Berlin.

The movie Highway is scheduled for a release next month! Are you excited?

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