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B-town celebs stand in support of Anushka Sharma’s Twitter statement

So, yesterday we had reported how Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma took to Twitter and wrote a lengthy statement to her fans regarding her apparent “lip job”, admitting to have used a lip enhancing tool and that she did not gone under the knife.

Well, while the letter wasn’t really appreciated by fans, with a few of them tagging her as a liar and few others calling it a big joke, there were a few colleagues who did support Anushka, applauding her for her guts and courage.

Karan Johar tweeted, “Anushka Sharma is a powerhouse of talent and the downside of social media cannot and will not take away the core of her creative existence..”

Even Sonam Kapoor, who usually stays away from controversies, stood by Ms Sharma. She wrote, “Kudos to @AnushkaSharma for addressing unfair criticism head on, have always admired her as an actor and now I def admire her as a person.”

Newbie Alia Bhatt also shared her thoughts on the issue. She wrote: “Way to go @AnushkaSharma !!! People are dealing with a strong girl here so say what you want nothing is bringing her down !!!”

Well, now this seems quite funny to me, considering }

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