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What is wrong between Pritam and Vipul Shah?

Pritam, the music director who is composing the music for Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film Holiday, recently had an issue with the producer Vipul Shah.

This was after Vipul Shah jokingly spoke at an interview saying he can’t release the trailer of the film because the music director hasn’t delivered the music yet. This was not the truth as Pritam had delivered the music long ago. But Vipul’s statement made fans think the trailer has not been released just because of Pritam and filled the social network with comments admonishing the composer.

When Pritam woke up to these comments, he took a screenshot and texted it to Vipul. “He said he was upset that people were thinking he was unprofessional; based on my comment. I explained to him that it was just a joke but he groused that people didn’t understand such jokes and I should have been more careful,” says Vipul.

“I shouldn’t have said what I did. I have already clarified with Pritam over the phone. He is not upset with me and there is no bad blood between us,” he added.
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