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Valentine’s day special: SRK, PeeCee and Ranveer’s advice on love and all that jazz

Bollywood stars are no exception from falling victim to the cupid’s arrow and have all got their own really interesting love lives (which by the way are very public) and have had their ups and downs in love too. On valentine’s day, here’s what some of them have to advise on love to all of us common mortals.

Shah Rukh Khan, the man who’s been an amazing lover both on and off screen talks about finding the right person. “There is no right person for you, only different flavors of wrong. So you have to find the person who is wrong for you in just the right way” was what he said.

And Priyanka Chopra who’s had a very rocky love life talks about how important love is for her and for the world, “My idea of love is be original, I think Love is what makes the world go round, it’s the most important thing in the world” was what PeeCee said, getting all emotional.

The current playboy of bollywood Ranveer Singh too has a very ‘big’ opinion on love, “life is love, love is life” was what he said, whereas Alia Bhatt, the cute actress doesn’t think Valentine’s day is all that special as according to her, “Every single day is valentine’s day”.

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