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Sherlyn Chopra Bollywood’s unwanted glam doll

Sherlyn Chopra! What can we say about this bold babe?

Everyone has a love hate relationship with her, the media slams her, the critics roll their eyes on her and public calls her names, yet she has over 1.08 million followers on twitter and that’s no sham!

She calls herself the Bad Girl in her latest music video and her YouTube username is bikiniwarrior and that just says a lot about her nature.

Her antics of posting nude and semi nude pictures of herself on Twitter gained her a lot of popularity and that popularity has done her loads of good in B-town. She went from being a nobody to somebody. Though people look down on her, take her name in a derogatory fashion, she’s not bothered about it at all. You guys know why? Because she’s the topic of discussion and she’s loving the attention!

If there’s someone I would say Sherlyn could be BFF with in Hollywood, it would by Kim Kardashian, without a second thought. Both of them are so similar. Except for the way they look, Kim is more on the bulkier fleshier side and Sherlyn prefers being lean. But everything else about them is so similar. Kim’s claim to fame was her sex tape and Sherlyn’s claim to fame is her big fat role in Kamasutra in 3D and her supposed appearance on the most coveted magazine – Playboy.

Kamasutra or not, playboy or not, today Sherlyn Chopra turns 29 and is an international celebrity. If I were to take a survey and ask people if they knew Nawazuddin Siddiqui or Sherlyn Chopra, the answer would obviously be Sherlyn. For those of you who aren’t aware, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is an exceptional actor and for me, he is Irrfan Khan’s protégé.

There’s something about this girl. Her name has been dragged to the dregs so many times, yet she is so confident. Sometimes I wonder if it is confidence or misguided over-confidence. She’s strong headed, she’s determined, she’s doing her part by helping the society she’s like the Yin Yang with equal parts of good and bad. She’s a misfit in Bollywood yet she accepts it with so much of calm, its unreal. I guess I’ll stop pondering and wish her a very Happy Birthday!!
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