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Poor Hrithik doesn’t seem to be coping too well!

It looked like everything was fine with Hrithik post his split with Susanne with him getting back to his shooting soon after that but looking at how he is unable to get done with the shooting of Bang Bang and how he’s backed out of Shuddhi due to lack of dates, it looks like he isn’t coping too well and has only been putting up a brave front all these days.

After all, he has been through a lot last year, what with the brain surgery and the hectic shooting schedule of krrish and finally, the heartbreaking split with his wife of over ten years. It looks like he sure is in need of one long holiday and a nice break from all this before he returns to work once again. And that is what he has on mind too, sources close to him say that he wants to take a break once he is done with the shooting of Bang Bang.

Supposedly, the actor isn’t even able to finish off all the shooting for Bang Bang from what we hear. And as for Shuddhi we definitely are disappointed by the fact that he won’t be a part of it, but all we wish for is for our dear Hrithik to get well from all his issues soon. gay cock

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