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Humshakals crew faces parking problems in Mumbai!!

If you thought that it was only when movies were being made in places like Kashmir that the crew faces problems, the crew of Humshakals, the Saif-Bipasha starrer faced problems when they were shooting right in the heart of Mumbai, and that happens to be the biggest problem faced the Mumbaiites all the time, the parking problem! They had to shoot for Humshakals inside the capitol cinema opposite the CST station where all this happened.

They all came to the venue in two vanity vans and two luxury sedans for which there was no place to park. And hence, the crew left their cars in the No Parking zone due to which the vehicles got towed and they all had to pay the fine of Rs300 each, and one of them had to pay Rs100 extra as the driver’s license had passed the expiry date! Needless to say, the shooting for the day got cancelled.

Next time, we hope the Humshakals crew remembers that when they want to shoot in busy places in Mumbai, they better come together in one of the member’s car or park in a place where parking is legal!

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