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Deepika Padukone works for 30 hours straight!!

Deepika Padukone just became the most professional bollywood actress there is so far, by working for 30 hours straight!! Yes, you read it right, the beautiful babe worked for as many as 30 hours continuously last weekend. First 15 hours, she spent shooting for Happy New Year immediately after which she went on to an awards function where she also performed! And to top it all, she looked amazing throughout the awards function despite not getting enough sleep and working for 15 hours before that.

So if you thought that the life of actresses was easy and that they have it all you are seriously mistaken. With no holidays and weekends, they work the hardest and look their best through it all just to entertain us. Isn’t that awesome?

At the awards function, Deepika Padukone also won two awards. Despite being so tired, she did not leave the awards function right after her performance and stayed on to watch it all without one single complaint. Not every actor or any professional would do that, we must say, except for the extremely professional Deepika Padukone!

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