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Take a good look at the cars that B-town celebs own and cruise around in

A car can say a lot about your personality. But do you think the same is applicable to our B-town celebs who cruise around in their swanky four wheelers? From BMWs to Mercedes Benz, from Audis to Range Rovers — they own them all. Celebrities really do live the most indulgent lives. Recently, Parineeti Chopra treated herself to a swanky Jaguar worth 90 lakh. The babe who had saved up to buy a house, ended up splurging on the luxury-on-wheels mean machine. Well, this news made us take a closer look at the cool wagons ours biggies steer.

Ranbir Kapoor: The Kapoor scion is known to lust after cars just like the way women lust after him. He owns a classy Audi A8 with plush red interiors and a giant white Range Rover, apart from other big brands, perfectly matching his persona – luxurious and classy.

Ranveer Singh:
The Lootera dude own a black Jaguar XJ, which perfectly matches his casanova image. However, we wish the color of the Big Cat should have been a spunky one, thus reflecting his hyper-energetic image too.

Shahid Kapoor: The rugged Rajkumar’s black Range Rover goes very well with his ambitious personality. He is said to have kept in mind every minute detail while purchasing his luxury four wheeler. We wish he chooses his films equally carefully.

Anushka Sharma:
The YRF’s discovery, Anushka Sharma owns a Range Rover perfectly suiting her tom boyish and bubbly nature. Her style and attitude reflects that of the four wheeler. Apparently, a certain star batsman, his cricketing tour, was driven in this very car to her pad in suburban Mumbai.
Priyanka Chopra:
This junglee billi is a proud owner of a black Jaguar, which perfectly suits her fierce and competitive personality.

Parineeti Chopra: Looks like lil sis Parineeti is closely following PeeCee’s footsteps. Pari recently bought herself a Jaguar. Looks like competition runs in the Chopra family.

Sonakshi Sinha:
She’s a no-nonsense girls and hence a spotless white white BMW is what this Dabangg babe owns keeping up with her squeaky clean image.

Karan Johar: He owns a swanky Jaguar, which doesn’t match his personality in anyway. KJO is all about gossip, fashion, style and has a super creative mind. A spotless white beauty is such a mismatch.

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