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Sunny Leone almost strips for Ragini MMS 2!

Looks like the makers of Ragini MMS 2 are trying to make the best of Sunny Leone’s presence in the movie. The latest they’ve done is make a promotional video where she almost stripped. But no, sadly for all of those people who hoping that she will actually strip, seeing the video, she does not. A phone in her background rings and she says all cheesily, “Too bad. Now you’re not getting anything” and then walks away. All the while there is some really nice Punjabi music running in the background to which she dances to while she is stripping.

The video then ends with the usual ‘turn off your mobile phones to enjoy the main feature film’. Now since we’ve seen Sunny Leone in a bikini a lot of times before this promotional video got released, we don’t really know how the makers thought that this would help attract attention. The video though, is definitely worth a watch..

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