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Ranveer Singh still seems to care for Anushka!

Ranveer Singh might have dumped Anushka Sharma for Dippy but he has always and will always care for his ex-girlfriend it seems! In a recent awards ceremony, when someone around Ranveer Singh commented about how Anushka Sharma doesn’t look good with the pouted lips and all that, Ranveer Singh apparently snubbed back at him saying that what she does with her face is upto her that no one has a right to comment upon that, coming to her defence.

Now that is kind of sweet don’t you think? How many guys here in b-town or in general have been known for defending their exes? In fact most of them only bitch about them with all the break up bitterness that they carry.

Anushka Sharma however, doesn’t seem to reciprocate the same feelings towards him. She’s never spoke about him and never kept in touch after their break up and only recently, she also said that Deepika (Ranveer Singh’s alleged current lover) has never been her friend. We really can’t blame her for this as she is the one who got dumped after all!
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