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Only if you love the country will you watch Satyameva Jayate!

The show that has changed the nation, Satyameva Jayate is all set to get aired with a fresh load of episodes that are going to inspire you and make you fall in love with your country once again this year. And if you are not enough excited about the show it could as well mean that you don’t really care enough about your country. Atleast that’s what Aamir Khan seems to think, as was what he said all over the most recent promos of Satyameva Jayate that were aired on Star Plus.

While we do understand that he is really desperate for the country to change for the better and for a lot of people to watch Satyameva Jayate and go do something good for the country, that wasn’t entirely the way that he should have done the promotion. Even the old promo with the traffic signal rules was a little too assertive and judgemental if we look at it.

A lot of people might not vote or might not follow traffic rules but that has more to do what kind of people they are than the kind of love that they have towards their nation we think. And all these people definitely love and care about their country in their own way. There is a very good chance that Satyameva Jayate’s promos this season could hurt the sentiments of a lot of people and Aamir we think should focus on inspiring people to change rather than insult them for what they are if he doesn’t want to lose out on his audiences..


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