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Why did Jackky get a call from Farooque Shaikh’s wife?

In the soon to release movie Youngistaan, Farooque Shaikh plays a PA to the prime minister Boman Irani and then to Jackky, his son after Boman’s character passes away. Farooque gifts the very same pen that Boman had gifted to him earlier as a gesture of him becoming a man from a boy in the movie. This this was completely Farooque’s idea.

Farooque Shaikh passed away on the morning of 28th December, he was shooting with Jackky till December 23rd in Indore. Before leaving for Dubai, Farooque gifted Jackky for his birthday as it falls on 25th December. Jackky kept the gift in his room and went back to his shooting till he heard few days later that Farooque sahab had died.

Talking to us, he said, “I opened the gift and it was uncanny, but it was a pen. I then got a call from his wife, Roopa aunty, about 15 days after Farooque sir had died to tell me how much Farooque sir wanted me to eat food. He loved feeding people. I had been on a diet through my shoot, but he would always tell me that post your shoot you come home for kababs, but, of course, that could not happen. Roopa aunty said to me, ‘He really loved you and he wanted you to eat. After things are a little better, come home and have a meal with me’.}

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