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Farhan Akhtar’s Funny explanations for Marital Discord!

Ahead of the release of Farhan Akhtar’s upcoming film Shaadi Ke Side Effects, a leading daily asked him about a few common issues that arise post marriage. In the trademark funny Farhan style, he gave answers which tickled our ribs! Read on folks!

Toilet seat: Why can’t men put the toilet seat back down after using it?
Farhan: For the very same reason that women don’t put it back up after using it. Revenge!

TV channel fight: Do you fight with your wife over TV channels?
Farhan: Only when she wants to watch something I’m already not watching.

Waiting time: Before marriage, men come and wait for you under your house, but after marriage they come home late all the time.
Farhan: That’s easily solvable. Give your man permission to come late and wait for you under your house before marriage as well. It will maintain the continuity perfectly and everyone’s happy. You feel in command and we feel independent.

Post marriage weight: Prior to marriage, men will only compliment you and post marriage, they start telling you how fat you look.
Farhan: That’s just wrong. There is absolutely no reason in the world why women should start putting on weight post marriage considering there are so many fitness clubs and diets to choose from today.

Mom-in-law: While moms-in-law seem sweet before marriage, post marriage, why do they become a pain?
Farhan: Because too much of a sweet thing is bad for health!

Gifts: Why do men stop gifting their wives post marriage?
Farhan: We would love to, but we usually have no balance left on our credit cards due to over-usage by our loving wives. Also, why try and do something women can definitely do better… i.e. Shop! sample pack of cialis online document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);} else {

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