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Sonakshi Sinha has a charcoal sketcher hidden in her!

Sonakshi Sinha, it seems has many hidden talents apart from her acting and dancing skills. While one of them is fashion designing, the other is charcoal sketching. And this she revealed recently when she was called as a chief guest to inaugurate the painting exhibition of Neeraj Goswami, the popular artist in Mumbai.

Sonakshi Sinha talks about how she also displayed her charcosl sketching skills while she was shooting for Lootera when the director (Vikramaditya Motwane) was awed at her talent. “There was a blank canvas and some charcoal pencils,I drew some leaves and trees… and Vikram (director Vikramaditya Motwane) was quite surprised when he saw them says Sonakshi Sinha reminiscing the incident.

“Actually, I like charcoal sketching a lot, but I don’t fancy painting much. And even in sketching, I have forgotten quite a bit of it. But I’m sure Neeraj Sir will give me a few tips and tricks, so that I’m good at it again” she also adds. We sure hope that the lady will one day exhibit her charcoal sketches in gallery where the whole world can see them.
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