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A.R.Rahman was forced to stop working!

A.R.Rahman’s secret to magical compositions has always been that he works late in the nights when the rest of the world sleeps. And on one fine night when he was up making music for Raunaq, his upcoming album, he was stopped by someone, who unplugged his systems and asked him to sleep..guess who that was? It was his son Ameen, who by the way is still a young kid!

A.R.Rahman was so pleased and happy as to how his son was concerned about his health that he talked about it in a recent interview. “Today, I had a surprise visitor to my studio at 3 AM. I was arranging music for my new album, Raunaq, and suddenly a young chap comes and tells my sound engineer to shut down everything. He said that I have to sleep at least 7 hours a day and rest well. So, all plugs were to be pulled off and all computers to be shut down” was what the maestro said.

“I was surprised. It was Ameen. It took me 10 minutes to convince him to go and sleep… Had to promise him that I will catch up on my sleep for sure, and so, I did. How time flies? Hard to believe that he is not a baby anymore” A.R.Rahman added.

And by the way, the tiny tot is also a singer who’s sung the song NaNa from Couples retreat…

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