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Why are Mumbai’s cab drivers so crazed over Salman Khan?

The golden hearted star Salman Khan’s fan following has gotten a whole new dimension ever since an action sequence from his film Jai Ho featured a TABcab car. Reportedly, after watching the film, the TABcab drivers are fighting amongst themselves to drive the cab which shared screen-space with the Dabangg Khan.

Jai Ho has the original hunk of Bollywood riding a bike in a chase scene and beside him, is the cab with the registration number MH 01BM 1610; sharing the big screen with the star. TABcab drivers are now willing to papy higher rent just so that they can drive this car. Reportedly, 80% of the drivers are Sallu Bhai fans and some are even threatening to quit their jobs if they were not allowed to drive that particular car.

This is the kind of fan following that only Bollywood Celebs can have eh?}

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