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Kangana and Lisa get into a bicycle accident on Queen sets!

If you’ve seen the recently released song ‘Gurjariya’ of Queen, you’ll probably come across a scene where in Lisa Hayden and Kangana Ranaut ride on bicycles on the lanes of Paris. No doubt the scene looks really good in the song and both of them look amazing in it, did you know that filming for it could actually have seriously injured the two actresses?

So here’s what happened, apparently in the song, at a point, Lisa Hayden had to let go of her hands from the bicycle and keep on riding it on a downwards hill slope. When she was just going to do that, she lost balance and it was obvious that if they held on to the bicycles, they would go down the slope and get seriously injured. Realizing this, Lisa shouted out loud to Kangana asking her to jump off the bicycle and the both of them then jumped off the bicycle to a grass landing on the side safely.

And when they realized that they were both safe, they started laughing really hard for a long time over what just happened. All we can say is that we are only glad that the two pretty ladies emerged safe out of this little bicycle accident!
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