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When Salman’s lost bracelet was found by Ashmit Patel!

When Salman Khan’s bracelet, wait not just any bracelet, his lucky phiroza bracelet, was recently lost, he was seriously annoyed and pissed until Ashmit Patel came to his rescue and found it in a swimming pool of his house! And it was only after this incident that we came to know about the really thick friendship between Salman and Ashmit and how Salman actually goes over to Ashmit Patel’s house sometimes as well.

Talking friendship, Ashmit Patel says that it has a long history. “I’ve known Salman Khan for many years now,In fact, when I came down from America, it was Salman Khan who encouraged me to take up acting as a career. He was doing a film with my sister Ameesha called YEH HAI JALWA and one day he dropped in at our home. Salman encouraged me to go to the gym and also helped train me in action and fight sequences” was what he revealed to the media after the rescue mission.

As for Ashmit, he is all excited about how his film Flag is doing a great job internationally and has just signed another international project after which he is going to be taking up production.

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