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When Ranbir Kapoor sells Vada Pav…

Ranbir Kapoor will now be selling vada pav. No guys, this is not because his last film Besharam was a disaster. He will be doing this for charity.

As a part of the latest reality show, Ranbir Kapoor will sell Vada Pav outside a college in Mumbai. Previously, Varun Dhawan sold vegetables and Ronit Roy ran a har-ek-maal thela on the show. Ranbir’s earnings will go towards the treatment of ten-year-old, Sunita Ingle, who is battling blood cancer.

The girl’s father is a truck driver and according to the show’s format, Ranbir was expected to drive a truck, just like Sunita’s father. But the thoughtful Ranbir decided selling vada pav in a crowded place will get him a lot more money than driving a truck; thus he’ll contribute a lot more to the child’s treatment.

Reportedly, the girl’s treatment will cost Rs. 4 Lakhs and her father has managed to collect Rs. 1 Lakh. We hope that Ranbir Kapoor’s idea of selling vada pav outside a college helps to earn the remaining amount

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