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“Hum bahut susheel aur shaant ladke hai” say the Gunday of bollywood!

Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, the Gunday boys get candid with a magazine in a bid to promote their film and thereby they open up on a lot of really interesting things about their personal lives, like their love lives, what sex is for them and their virginity.

Arjun Kapoor starts off talking about Gunday and what it is all about. “It’s about havas or lust (Ranveer laughs). It’s pretty self-explanatory. My first word for your interview is havas! On a serious note, Gunday for me is essentially a story on brotherhood, an unbreakable bond” was what he says Gunday is about.

Also the duo apparently call themselves Baba Singh and Baba Kapoor and that’s what they’ve been calling each other throughout the interview. When asked if they Gunday off screen as well, “Hum bahut Shanth aur Susheel ladke hai” was what Ranveer Singh says as a reply!

Do you want to know what it is about each other that they hate? For Ranveer, it is Arjun’s moodyness that is a big turnoff. “When he diets, I don’t like his moods. He becomes very cranky and irritable. Between food and his DVD collection he doesn’t need anything or anyone in the whole world. He can live his life very happily — just give him food and something to watch” was what he said on it.

And for Arjun Kapoor it is how Ranveer is impulsive and how doesn’t like showing off his intelligence that are a turnoff. “I think he doesn’t show his intelligent side as often as he should which is for me a very big deterrent for him to be taken seriously in the future. That’s what I keep telling him. He’s overtly impulsive, which I feel can be detrimental in an actor’s life — personally as well as professionally” was what he said, on that.

About the question that you’ve probably been waiting for, as to when they each lost their virginity, this is what Ranveer said, “I can’t even tell you (grins). It is illegal” where as Arjun said, “I don’t want to tell. At this point I will answer questions only relevant to Gunday!”

And when asked to choose between love sex and dhoka, both the Gunday went for Love, as Arjun said, “Love supercedes everything. Whatever you do it will be for love. All those other emotions come because of love” and Ranveer said, “Love — always and forever.

It really is exciting that these two really fun actors are coming together for a movie isn’t it? Well..we wish the duo a very grand success of their Gunday..


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