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Hrithik Roshan shoots with two body doubles for Bang Bang!

Hrithik Roshan for his upcoming action thriller, will have two body doubles help him pull off all the stunts designed and choreographed by Andy Armstrong, of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ fame!

Of the two doubles, Mansoor regularly doubles up for the superstar. The other double is a stunts specialist from Los Angeles. Roshan, who underwent brain surgery last July, is currently filming an extensive and dangerous rooftop chase sequence in a heavily populated area of Shimla.

Says a source, “Unlike rooftops in cities like Delhi, those in Shimla are sloped with the steep valley on one side. While Hrithik will do all the close-up scenes, the body doubles will be used for wide angle and long shots.”

When we spoke to our source on Thursday afternoon, the superstar was readying for his shot on the tin roof, about 40 feet off the ground, even though it had started snowing. The team is scheduled to wrap the rooftop chase this weekend and then head to Delhi for 12 days, to film a car-chase sequence.

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