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Bollywood Actresses In PURPLE: Pretty and Perfect

What comes to your mind when you see the color purple? Royalty.

Bollywood actresses are known to be very particular about their clothing. The color they wear is as important to them as the dress itself. They look effortlessly breath taking in whatever they wear.

Today, I’d like to show you actresses who carried off the color purple with royalty and charm. Take a look and tell us who you think looked stunning and who needs to work on their dressing.

Here are the Bollywood actresses in Purple. Some look hot and others need to work on their attires. These Bollywood actresses in purple look pretty and perfect.


Asin looks very pretty in this backless gown. The halter neck full length gown makes her look no less than a princess. Also, her hair, done so neatly adds to her charm.


This fashionista needs absolutely no effort to look gorgeous. Her knee length, figure hugging dress looks chic. What adds to the glamour of Sonam Kapoor’s dress is her neck piece that blends really well with her attire.


So what if she has put on weight? Needless to say, Aishwarya Rai is one beautiful woman and her royal purple chudidhar is beautiful. Look at the golden embroidery on her kurtha. Stylish mommy!!


Rani Mukerjee’s choice of a saree to cover up her extra fab is brilliant. The saree is a lil simple with just little shimmer here and there. Looks pretty on her, though.


This is one top we though wasn’t good at all. It looks like a complete misfit and the flower to her left looks just tacky. We’re surprised that someone as stylish as Prachi Desai could opt for something like this.


Now this is it! Once again Katrina Kaif goes on to prove that when it comes to style, she is the boss. Her pretty animal print, off shoulder gown is a winner for sure.} else {

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