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Ya Rab faces troubles for its portrayal of Madrassas

Out of all the movies that have recently come up and are going to come up, Ya Rab is going to be one intense movie that will be depicting the life of terrorists and all that. And now, for the movie’s portrayal of how Madrassas brainwash young people to get them into Jihad, Jamiat Ulama-e-Maharashtra (JUeM) has filed a case against it in the high court.

Gulzar Azmi, the spokesperson of this organization talked about it, saying, “These and other issues form part of a public interest petition I have filed before the Bombay High Court Wednesday against the movie. It will come up for hearing Thursday, before the scheduled release this Friday.”

He also accused Ya Rab of having ‘blatant, fictitious and wrongful depiction of Madrassas and their teachers’. “In fact, a madrassa not only imparts quality education but also gives shelter to orphans. They are not centres of any such anti-national activity. There are no incidents anywhere in the state where any terror act or anti-national activities are associated with a madrassa” was what Azmi added, speaking about it.

The producer of Ya Rab though remained very cool about it and said that there was nothing in the movie that would hurt anyone’s sentiments. In his words, “It’s a nice film and will not hurt anybody’s sentiments or any community. The censor board is a responsible body and has seen the film and given a couple of cuts.”

Featuring Ajaz Khan, Manzar Sehbai and Akhilendra Mishra, Ya Rab is being directed by Hasnain Hyderabadwala and is going to hit the theatres soon.
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