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Salman Khan lost his lucky bracelet!

Salman Khan is never seen without the firoza bracelet that was gifted to him by his dad. So what happened when the Dabangg Khan lost it at a recent party at his Panvel farmhouse?

You guessed it, everyone was in a frenzy searching for it. While he was searching for it, his staff, drivers and
bodyguards ran for their lives searching for it all over the place though Sallu Bhai himself didn’t loose his calm.

“A friend pointed out to him that the bracelet was gone, Salman didn’t lose his cool but his face went blank. A frantic search followed but when his father’s gift to him didn’t turn up, he almost lost hope,” says a source.

Ashmit Patel, who recently worked with Salman Khan in Jai Ho, found the bracelet at the bottom of the swimming pool. When Ashmit gave the bracelet to Salman, he asked him where and how he found it.

“You should have seen the relief on Salman’s face. I told him not to worry about the how and the where. He promised to gift me a bracelet, but I think he’s forgotten all about it by now,” Ashmit laughed.

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