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Deepika Padukone to do all the promotion activities of Kochadaiyaan!

According to what we have heard, the superstar Rajinikanth will not be seen promoting his latest film Kochadaiyaan which finally hits the theaters across India on April 11.

According to a source close to the mega-star, “Rajini Sir doesn’t wish to be seen too often in the public. He plays a medieval super-hero in Kochadaiyaan and wants the image of invincible superstar to remain foremost in the public eye.

So that means, the metal of carrying of the film’s promotion and marketing successfully will go on to Rajinikanth’s co-star Deepika Padukone who is currently going through the busiest phase of her career and can not afford to fly off to various parts of the world to represent a star of Rajinikanth’s stature.

“But this is very important. And Deepika knows it,” says a source close to the epic project. “Rajini Sir won’t be promoting Kochadaiyaan beyond the initial formalities. Deepika has the greatest regard for Rajini Sir and has readily agreed to travel with the film for promotion.

The busy actress will take a large chunk of time off to do the needful.

Says the film’s co-producer Dr Murli Manohar, “Throughout the making of this film, Deepika has been immensely co-operative. Rajini Sir would probably be present at the media meet to introduce our film to journalists. Since Kochadaiyaan involves 3D Motion Capture, a new technique of storytelling, we will probably be showing some footage of our film to media persons in Rajiniji’s presence, like James Cameron had shown Avatar before release. But after that Deepika will be there to take the film forward to its release.

Apparently, the exceptionally busy actress is trying to figure out how best to slice out time for promoting a film on behalf of herself and her formidable co-star.

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