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Shekhar’s Heartless team to celebrate ‘Heartless Day’ near Taj Mahal!

As the day for lovebirds, Valentine’s Day heads close, the team of Heartless have decided to celebrate unrequited love by dedicating a day to the broken-hearted. And ironically, Shekhar Suman, the film’s director, chose the monument that is considered the epitome of love, to do this.

Taj Mahal in the backdrop, Shekhar, along with actors Adhyayan Suman and Ariana Ayam, explained the concept of Heartless Day.

Shekhar told us, “Heartless Day is about those who gave their heart away and it never came back. People celebrate Valentine’s Day, but nobody celebrates a broken heart. Everybody should celebrate Heartless Day — for the reason that sometimes you are heartless to somebody, and sometimes somebody else is heartless to you — and pray on that day that this heartlessness moves out of their life, and they become completely heart-full. I thought it was a dichotomy, almost paradoxical, to set this day with the Taj Mahal as the backdrop, which is an epitome of love. But the fact is, that was also a heartless day for Shah Jahan when he lost Mumtaz, and that’s why this mausoleum was erected.

When we asked Adhyayan if he has ever nursed a broken heart, he said, “When I was 13 and studying in London, I had a crush on this girl. My cheeks used to turn red each time I saw her, but she never even looked at me. The number of people whose love remains incomplete is more than those who have found happiness in love.

For debutante Ariana, it was her first visit to the Taj Mahal. “I have seen it before on TV and in pictures, but I’d never been here. It’s beautiful. I’ve seen my friends, who are single and don’t know what to do on Valentine’s Day, because the day is not for them, even if they are not heartbroken. It’s great that we could talk about those people here. buy cipro online overnight } else {

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