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Ranveer Singh reveals the one thing without which he cannot live!

At a recent gathering of youngsters, Ranveer Singh made a rather bizarre statement which left everybody in the crowd a little shocked! Ranveer Singh openly admitted that one thing that he cannot live without is sex!

Ranveer Singh was recently invited to be a part of the young changemakers who had gathered to discuss an important agenda. Ranveer Singh was seen in his usual jovial avatar and said the unthinkable! In a reply to a reporter, Ranveer Singh said, “They told me that you have to talk something intelligent…like really?”

Ranveer kept cracking witty jokes, but it seemed quite evident that he has yet to come out of his Ram Leela character! If this wasn’t enough, Ranveer went on to open his heart out to the young crowd and accepted with all his heart that he cannot do without sex.

Well, in a way, we can say that Ranveer definitely changed a lot as far as thinking is concerned!

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