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Elli Avram has a stalker!

Elli Avram, the pretty Big Boss contestant apparently is being stalked and this, she says has been going on for a very long time. She has been keeping quiet about it all these days as she thought that it was harmless but now, the stalker is beginning to scare her and she’s decided to come out in the open and talk about it.

“There is this guy, who keeps following me around at award functions and keeps asking for pictures. I do oblige him but he gets too close and keeps toughing my arm, acting like my bodyguard. He stops others from approaching me for a picture. He puts his arm around me every time he poses with me and doesn’t stop chasing me even after I act cordial with him. This has happened at three different events now” was what Elli Avram said talking about her stalker.

She admits that it was her sweetness that led to it. ” Initially I thought it was harmless since I thought he was a fan. But things got out of control when at a recent do; he almost dragged my mother away from me (as if he is escorting her) and told her to leave me alone! Recently I told him to back off after I realized he is being shamelessly relentless. Hope he got the point. I become too sweet, that’s a mistake.”

It is definitely not unsusual for a bollywood actress being stalked but what is unusual is the actress being so nice and sweet to a stalker!

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