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Documentary Gulaabi Gang to release before Madhuri’s Gulaab Gang

Madhuri Dixit-Juhi Chawla starrer Gulaab Gang, a female-centric movie on social injustice against women will hit the screens next month. But before that, a documentary titled Gulaabi Gang, based on the real life vigilante group of the same name, will release in theatres on February 21.

Directed by Nishtha Jain, the documentary is based on Sampat Pal, the founder of the group.

“We did not face a problem working with Gulabi Gang. We had their full support, they want media… people to come
and see their work. But there is lot of resistance against Gulabi Gang as they are fighting against corrupt officials, making cases against men who are killing or beating women,” Nishtha said.

“The film has a great story, and is highly entertaining. I have always believed that cinema is a great medium for education. A film like this can help spread awareness on the current state of gender inequality in India,” Sohum said. Sohum chose to release the film as he is working towards changing the way Indian audience look at documentaries. “Just as so many people came forward to support us when we released ‘Ship of Theseus’, I feel like it is my turn to lend my support to a film that I feel needs to be seen,” said Sohum Shah, the actor-producer who is presenting the film.


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