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When the B-Town’s elite fall ill because of water contamination

The Deol family who celebrated the wedding of Dharmendra’s daughter Ahana with much pomp and grandeur recently but now, they are among the B-Town’s elite who fell ill because of water contamination in Mumbai’s poshest area.

Juhu, which is home to many of the B-Town’s A-listers like the Deols, Roshans, Bachchans, Devgns, etc has had some sewage issues in the last couple of weeks which ended up contaminating the main water supply of all these residences and more.

Cases of diarrhoea, stomach infection accompanied by high fever and viral flu are on the rise in the area. Devgn and Deol families have also been affected, as per sources. The celebs’ family members and countless others from the same neighbourhood who have severe bouts of vomiting, were put on a drip and needed hospitalisation.

Meanwhile, the absence of two prominent Bollywood actors at Ahana’s wedding was conspicuous. Ahana’s step brothers Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol didn’t attend the wedding. The two brothers had also skipped Esha Deol’s wedding a few years ago.

What we wonder is why the Deol brothers can’t let bygones be bygones and rekindle the bonding with the family?
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