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Shahid Kapoor puts down Kareena for Sonakshi!

Just when we were thinking that bollywood was full of people who are so open-minded that they can have relationships and still be friends with the exes, actors like Shahid Kapoor and Salman Khan show that there are uber-sensitive people that exist in b-town as well who are never ever going to make peace with their exes.

On the last Sunday’s episode of Koffee with Karan where Shahid Kapoor made an appearance along with Sonakshi Sinha, he just proved that once again by saying things like ‘he’s not going to talk about his exes’, that ‘he’s never going to date an actress ever again’ and that ‘he’s had bad experiences from dating people in the past’. Clearly he was still bitter at her.

Not just that, last time that Kareena was on Koffee with Karan, she said that she thinks of Sonakshi Sinha as a housewife and that comment didn’t really go down that well with Sonakshi who took back at her by saying that she thinks that Kareena would make a good gossip columnist. And to this, Shahid Kapoor decided to take Sonakshi’s side and put down Kareena by saying that “Sonakshi was much much more than just a housewife”. We wonder what Kareena has to say to all of this.

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