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Photo Shoot: Check out Manisha Koirala in an all new avatar!

Manisha Koirala who fought with cancer and came out victourious in the past is back to B towin in a stunning look. The lovely actress recently did a photo shoot with top of the line fashion photographer Zakia.

The latest images of Manisha will blow you away as it present Manisha in an all new look! Manisha Koirala who is a sincere student of Yoga and oneness meditation has gotten back in shape and is looking stunning to say the least.

Manisha says, “I’ve longed to understand the art of meditation and healing known as Qigong ever since I got to know about it. Qigong is the life-force. It is actually present everywhere in our universe. We just don’t know how to find and embrace it. This course will help me grasp the mystery of Qigong. Even the art of Tai Chi comes from Qigong. It is actually a means to achieve a balanced life and an equilibrium in one’s spirit. It also harnesses the materialistic side of your personality.







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