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Was Mika Singh trying to impress Rekha by gifting her something?

Mika Singh and Rekha have never worked with each other, the actors infact hadn’t even met each other before the duo bumped into each other at a recent awards function. We have heard that the versatile singer went a step ahead and gifted his Sikh Khanda locket to Rekha. Wondering why? Well, wehn the stunning actress and Mika came face-to-face, the former was all praises for the singer. The Silsila starlet even told Mika that she knew all of his songs including Sawan mein lag gayi aag and Gandi baat. Singh was so flattered that without thinking twice he gifted his locket to Rekha. While talking to a tabloid about the same, Mika said, “I don’t really talk about it, but yes this happened. I was so happy with her praise that I immediately gifted her the khanda.

If you think hard, the singer not so long ago gifted music director Pritam a SUV for giving him a hit song which made him popular in Bollywood. Well, looking at all this is it apt to say that Mika Singh truly has a golden heart?

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