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So this is why Jai Ho did not do well!

It really broke our hearts the way that Jai Ho did such a bad job at the box office when we were expecting it to be the biggest hit in Salman Khan’s career with all the hype that surrounded it right from the moment it started being made. Although the fact that the movie was not really liked by everyone, critics included was a reason for it bombing at the box office, there is another bigger reason that the movie didn’t do well, that it was leaked on youtube right on the 3rd day of the release and a lot of people watched it here instead of in the theatres where they were supposed to have watched it.

Apparently, the video had approximately 1,08,151 views in youtube, which means that the distributors must have lost over 10 to 12 crores for all these viewers watching Jai Ho on youtube. The pirated version of a movie getting uploaded online is not something that hasn’t ever happened but what actually affected Jai Ho collections was the fact that it was uploaded just 3 days after the movie got released and wasn’t removed until after a long time when it was discovered.

This is what Taran Adarsh, the trade analyst has got to say about the leak, “Piracy should be fought back by the industry and the government. These days, a movie releases worldwide and it is difficult to keep a track from where an ­incident of piracy can occur. The video should be removed instantly, as crores are at stake”.

This really is a sad thing to happen to the biggest movie of the year right at the beginning of the year..we hope that the cast and crew recover from all the losses that the leak has brought them.

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