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Irrfan Khan talks about the Kangri attack on Haider sets

The shooting for Haider has never gone smoothly right from the moment it began with a lot of protests and attacks by the local militant groups. The most recent attack where a Kashmir localite threw a Kangri on Shahid and Irrfan was admittedly the scariest with the possibility of either of them getting seriously hurt if it did hit them.

So was there any particular actor that the person who threw it aimed at? While the rest of the people on the sets believe that the attacker might’ve particularly aimed at Irrfan Khan, he thinks that both of them would have been hurt from the attack.

“The kangri didn’t hit either of us. So I can’t really say whether it was deliberately thrown at us with the intention to hurt or not” says Irrfan talking about the attack.
He’s not scared by the attack though, as he says that it is the suffering that the local Kashmiris went through that scares him more.”The incident is not really scary. What is really scary is what the local Kashmiri people have suffered for decades” was what he said, talking about it.

And the attack is not going to make him stop loving the place, with which he’s fallen in love with long time back, as he claims. “I shot one section of Vishal Bhardwaj’s Saat Khoon Maaf in Kashmir and I fell in love with the place. Then when Vishal offered me a cameo in Haider, I immediately accepted primarily for the pleasure of returning to the Valley. Now Vishal and I are planning another film to be shot here. This place is seductive and irresistible” said Irrfan Khan, talking about his love for the place.

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