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“I can dance naked in front of the world but ‘she’ makes me conscious” Ranveer Singh

We’ve watched Ranveer Singh evolve as an actor over the past two years and we’ve seen all shades of his emotions on screen but there’s one thing that Ranveer Singh never was, and that was shy. And now, he reckons that there is only one woman in this whole world that can make him shy and conscious, and no it’s not Deepika, its his mom!

Yes, Ranveer Singh, who recently got candid about his personal life with the media revealed that his mother is the only woman who can make him conscious..”You could have a lakh people watching me dance naked and I won’t feel conscious, but if my mom is watching, I get conscious” was what he said, talking about it.

Speaking about his mother, we can’t ignore how we’ve never ever seen his mother or father make a media presence and how they have never even attended any of Ranveer Singh’s shoots. Ranveer says that he’s kept them away from the b-town deliberately.”I keep them away because I’m so invested in them that they become my focus. I want them to be comfortable and treated right. I don’t want them to feel lost in the chaos of the sets, and at the same time, I want to be able to focus on my work” was what he said, talking about it.

The only time that they were there at an award function was when he won his debut award, “They were there when I won my debut award. Otherwise, I’m usually performing at these functions and I don’t let them come there or on my film sets” he adds on it. Don’t you think that this teenagerly behavior is kind of weird?

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