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And Baby Doll has got to be the hottest song of the year!

From the moment Ragini MMS 2 has begun filming it was in the news for having all the sleaziness that a horror film that could possibly have that makes it more look like it is more of a porn film than a horror film. Now, the sleaziness only went up a few levels higher with the pictures from the most recent song of the movie, Baby Doll getting released.

Dressed in black lingerie and a bright red mail color and nothing else, Sunny Leone lies on a bed in Baby Doll where she is surrounded by hands in black gloves that seem to be all over her. And we don’t really know what the director’s intention is, but this definitely doesn’t scare us at all.

And for those of you who love the song and can’t wait to watch Sunny Leone dancing away sexily to the tunes of Baby Doll, you needn’t wait till March 21st when the movie will hit the theatres. Baby Doll is going to be released on the 12th of February much before Ragini MMS 2’s release.

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