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Another new poster of Ragini MMS 2 just got released!

Another one of those Ragini MMS 2 posters gets released, and this time unlike the last time, the poster is a little scary, but only after you take your eyes off Sunny Leone and spot the two ghosts that are seen right behind her. And, my, those ghosts definitely look really scary.

And need we say how incredibly hot Sunny Leone looks in the beautiful pink lingerie with all her curves? Looks like the only thing that Sunny Leone’s ever worn throughout the movie is only lingerie, which by the way was supposedly very expensive was specially designed for her for Ragini MMS 2.

This time though, Ragini MMS 2 might fail to scare the viewers the way that Ragini MMS did, however hard Bhushan Patel is going to try, what with Sunny Leone in all those really skimpy bikinis being such a divergent factor. And as for the new poster, you have got decide whether it is hot or scary..!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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