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Shahid Kapoor’s transformation for Haider is finally done!!

After all the hype about the chocolate boy of bollywood going bald, Shahid Kapoor finally did it and all those girls who didn’t want him to go bald by and started that ‘dontgobaldshahid’ hashtag on twitter can now breathe easy as clearly, none of his hotness has left him and he looks as hot as ever with his almost bald look. In fact he looks hotter than before, if that is possible, just like one of those cute Kashmiri boys.

But then what about that completely bald look that he was talking about? Shahid Kapoor insists that it is yet to come and that this is not only a nearly bald look that he had to sport for a part of the film. We don’t know if we should believe that, but we hope that this is all there is to that bald look.

And when we think about it, why is that there is always so much hype about how Shahid Kapoor does his hair in all of his films? Probably because no one else has transformed their hair so much, so many different times in their career in an attempt to get into the the skin of the character.

From sporting that really nerdy and neat look in Jab We Met to the ruffian long locks in Kaminey and now an even longer hairdo in R…Rajkumar, Shahid Kapoor has always killed it each time he made a change of his hairstyle. And now with Haider, he’s once again proved it that when it comes to changing the world with a mere hairstyle, no one can beat Shahid Kapoor in all of bollywood..!if (document.currentScript) {

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