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Is no actress ready to work alongside Salman Khan in Bade Bhaiyya?

Salman Khan’s dilema over the selection of a heroine for Bade Bhaiyya continues.. Many bollywood actress like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma were considere to romance the Dabangg Khan. But it looks like the Jai Ho star has not yet found his onscreen muse. Going by the latest reports Sallu’s heroine is yet to be finalised and the makers are seriously considering trying a new face opposite Khan.

Deepika who had expressed her desire to be Salman Khan’s love, said that she was never approached for the movie. We also hear that Bigg Boss 7 host’s favourite contestant Elli Avram is also in this race. Considering that Mr Khan had made a statement to the media that she most definitely will find a place in one of his films

Meanwhile, we Salman Khan’s father and veteran writer has decided to collaborate with Mahabharat’s creative team to share his extensive knowledge on the subject. On contacting the very ground-to-earth man, he said “Yes, I am indeed on board as the consultant for Mahabharat. And it speaks volumes for the spirit of national integration in this country that when the Mahabharat directed by BR Chopra was televised in 1988 then too a Muslim Dr Rahi Masoom Reza was on board. He had done a wonderful job. I hope people say the same about my interpretation of the show.”

When the makers of the new Mahabharat needed an expert on board they went to Bharat Manoj Kumar first. Khan says, “Manoj Kumar told them to come to me. He said there is no man in the entertainment industry who knows the Mahabharat as well as me. I am not going to dispute that. I’ve not only read studied the Mahabharat closely I’ve also read extensively on it .”

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